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Hi I am a parent with a child who has failed Algebra I his freshman year of high school and who has failed the first semester of Algebra I his first semester of his sophomore year. I am currently enrolled in a local community college and am taking a remedial Algebra class that is computer assisted. Your system of instruction is what is used in this class and I love it. I am considering purchasing it for home use. I believe it would benefit my son tremendously. Can you tell me how the home version is broken down and works?

I CAN Learn® Algebra Student and Parent

This program is one in which for the first time ever, I discovered that I could learn and understand math. This program has changed my life forever and I now want to become a math teacher because of it. Thank you for saving my life.

I CAN Learn® Student, Greensboro, NC

My I CAN Learn® math class is very beneficial to me. I am learning how to actually do math. I also love going at my own pace. Instead of C's and D's, I'm making A's now!

Kara, Pre-Algebra College Student

96% of Midsouth Community College students surveyed felt that I CAN Learn® Education Systems helped them achieve their mathematics goals. 87% said that if given a choice they would choose another I CAN Learn® class over a traditional lecture class.

The instruction format offered by the I CAN Learn® software allows students to progress in a course, even if they have to go into next semester, without receiving an "F"; therefore, increasing their confidence and improving their student records.

Dr. Larry Bailey, President, Mississippi Delta Community College, Moorhead, MS

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